• Do you have equipment you don't need any more? 
    SHARE can find someone who could use it. 

  • How about services you can offer someone in need?
    There are many in need of services of all kinds.

  • Looking for information? 
    Let us know if you can't find it here.  We can help you do the research for FREE.

  • Do you have a need for services or equipment? 
    Be sure to list your need with us.  All listings are FREE!

  • The SHARE Network accepts donations of any kind.
    Items donated that are not needed are sold and 100% of the money's from the sale go to purchase items that are on our lists or have been requested.

  • The SHARE Network offers 2 limited grants every year.
    Grants are awarded to individuals who have listed a need and in response to their request.  For more information on the grant program, feel free to contact us.



In loving memory
        "He traded in his wheels for wings"

         SHARE Network Ambassador
Henry B. Whittaker


Group #2311, Phx, AZ Chapter




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