Many companies are more than willing to help out individuals and organizations with their computer needs in ways of scholarships, grants, computer technology and assistance. Go to the state list and see what your state has available. If you are aware of a computer resource that others can benefit from, feel free to submit that information.


Click on your state or check out the resources in other states.

("Not Specified" listings are generally national listings that would apply everywhere.)

Not Specified  AZ  CA  CT  DE  FL  GA  HI  IA  IL  IN  KS  LA  MA  MD  MO

Return to Top  Arizona

Easter Seals Technology Program - Phoenix Arizona
Phone:  602 252-6061, 800 626-6061
Contact:  Cecil E. Smith, Director Assistive Technology

Easter Seals Computer Placement Program
903 N. 2nd Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Contact:  Carol Murray, Coordinator Computer Placement

Return to Top  California

A-Z Liquidation Services - Asset Management Services Nationwide
5150 E La Palma Ave Ste 109, Anaheim CA 92807-2085, Corporate Headquarters

(714) 777-9611 Fax (714) 777-9811 Regional Territory Call Center (866) 666-0340

Liquidation sales and closeout services nationwide

Golden Surplus
3397 E. 19th St. Signal Hill, CA. 90755
(714) 777-9611 Fax (714) 777-9811 Regional Territory Call Center (866) 666-0340
Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST, Monday - Friday

Second-hand computers IT or office equipment buyer.
Wholesale  liquidator of closeout, new and returned surplus or overstock liquidation merchandise.
Sell used computers:

Community Wire Service
2155 Verdugo Boulevard, Unit 117
Montrose, CA 91020
(818) 265-7906
Contact: Robert Marston

The RAFT (Resource Area for Teachers)
(408) 524-9780
Allows nonprofit groups, schools, licensed child care facilities and community groups in the Sunnyvale, Calif., area to purchase business surplus materials.

Computer Recycling Center
2971 Mead Avenue
Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 327-1800
Contact: Mark Hoss
Accepts donated computers for distribution primarily to schools in the San Francisco Bay area.

National Education Technology Initiative (NETI)
P.O. Box 55303
Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
(818) 780-3344
Contact: Jay Allen Samit
Raises funds to provide computers and educational software for America's public schools.

Detwiler Foundation
Computers for Schools Program
470 Nautilus Street, Suite 300
La Jolla, CA 92037
(800) 939-6000 or (609) 456-9045
Contact: Diana Detwiler, Executive Director
Refurbishes used computer equipment and distributes it to schools.

Oakland Technology Exchange
4351 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94611
(510) 428-2493
Contact: Bruce Buckelew/ Oliver Ewing
Finds and recycles computers for use by student sin the Oakland public schools.

SmartSchools PC Day
2520 Mission College Boulevard, Suite 202
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 562-7707
Assembles new computers through donations of new parts from high tech companies. Supplies these computers, as well as technical assistance, to K-12 schools in San Mateo, Santa Clara, San Benito, Santa Cruz and Monterey County, Calif.

Smart Valley, Inc.
2520 Mission College Boulevard, Suite 202
Santa Clara, CA 95054
(408) 562-7707
Contact: Pete Sinclair, President
Assembles new computers through donations of new parts from high tech companies. Distributes these computers to Silicon Valley schools.

89 Stillman Street
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 512-7784
Has a wide selection of donated software and computer-related books available to 501(c)(3) organizations for charges ranging from $10 to $40 in addition to a $15 subscription fee.

Computer Recycling Project
479 Bartlett Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 695-7703
Contact: Dale M. Tersey, Executive Director E-mail:
Accepts donated computers and redistributes them to schools and nonprofits in the San Francisco area. Will answer questions sent via e-mail.

Urban Ore
7th and Gilman Streets
Berkeley, CA
(510) 559-4456
Sells surplus computer equipment at low rates.

Computers and You
330 Ellis, Room 610
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 922-7593
Donates limited amount of equipment at subsidized rates.

West Coast Office
30 West Mission Street, #4
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
(805) 563-1009
Contact: Kenneth M. Wyrick, Western Regional Director
Recycles computers from the private industry into the nonprofit and educational markets. Gives high priority to those organizations which serve children.

Magik Inc.
(510) 658-4760
Donates office supplies, computers and other equipment to nonprofits and schools in the Emeryville, California, area.

Marin Computer Resource Center
757 Lincoln Avenue, Units 18 and 19
San Rafael, CA 94901
(415) 454-4227
Contact: James Burgett
Donates computers to nonprofits, libraries, disabled people and low-income families. Operates primarily in Marin County.

Nonprofit Services
1605 63rd Street
Emeryville, CA 04608
Contact: James Chao
Donates computers and other equipment to member ($30 fee) nonprofit organizations in the San Francisco Bay area.

New Life Computer Foundation (NLCF)
24026 Gilmore Street
West Hills, CA 91307
Solicits and refurbishes used computers in order to provide them free to nonprofits, schools and qualified individuals.

KidSource Online
1066 Kelly Drive, Suite 113
San Jose, CA 955129
(408) 253-0246
Matches needy schools with excess, unused or obsolete computer equipment, as a free public service.

Komputers 4 Kids
(714) 990-7827 or (714) 529-2137
Collects and refurbishes used computers and related equipment for redistribution into schools.

Golden Surplus Computer Wholesale Liquidators
3397 E. 19th St. Signal Hill, CA. 90755
Hanan Khalaf
West coast wholesale liquidator of used computers, monitors, servers, laptop-notebooks, software, electronics, network Cisco & misc. surplus assets.

Applied Quality Test, Inc.
1906 Crestmont Drive San Jose CA. 95124
Karen Ajlouny
Test Equipment Liquidation Services: buys, sells & repairs test equipment surplus, electronics, used lab equipment & Misc. test and measurement products.

A-Z Computer Liquidators
5150 E La Palma Ave Ste 109 Anaheim California
Holy Wild
A-Z computer liquidators, buyers & sellers of used surplus computer closeouts, overstocks & excess electronic idle equipment. We buy used computers, electronic, Cisco & used network equipment for sale. Need to liquidate?

Return to Top  Connecticutt Computers 4 Kids
20 Tuttle Place
Middletown, CT 06457
(860) 635-5460
Contact: John Gallante
Collects and refurbishes outdated equipment from the business sector and individuals and puts it into schools and other nonprofit educational organizations.

Return to Top  Delaware Goodwill Industries of Delaware
300 East Lea Boulevard
Wilmington, DE
(302) 761-4646
Tests and refurbishes used computers to sell at Goodwill Stores at low cost.

Return to Top  Florida Alachua County Freenet
2603 NW 13th Street #315
Gainesville, FL 32609
(303) 329-8091
Distributes refurbished computers free to nonprofit organizations, school groups and under-privileged individuals in the Gainesville community.

Computers for the Disabled
Box 16-1443
Miami, FL 33116-1443
Contact: Dr. David Rafky, Executive Director
Collects, refurbishes and distributes computers to the physically challenged and to nonprofit groups.

Return to Top  Georgia  
Free Bytes
P.O. Box 550371
Atlanta, GA 30355-0371
(404) 846-8414
Contact: Charlie Shufeldt
Refurbishes and reconfigures computers for distribution to schools, churches and other community agencies.

Return to Top  Hawaii 
Recycling Exchange network. 
128 Kilauea Ave
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
A nationwide nonprofit computer recycling exchange network. We are a service project aimed at area businesses, residents, schools, and nonprofit organizations interested in recycling and reusing computers. Our website serves as a regional and nationwide exchange board directly connecting those wishing to dispose of computers and
nonprofit organizations in need.

Return to Top  Illinois

Educational Assistance, Ltd.
P.O. Box 3021
Glen Ellyn, IL 60138
(708) 690-0010
Contact: Michael Evans
Supplies donated computers to K-12 schools for a ten percent handling fee.

Return to Top  Indiana

No Resources Currently Available

Return to Top  Iowa

R.O.C.K. (Recycle Old Computers Kindly)
400 Southwest School Street
Ankeny, IA 50021
(515) 965-5616
Contact: John Edwards, Coordinator
Collects, repairs and redistributes old computers to nonprofit groups.

Return to Top  Kansas

Surplus Exchange of Wichita
4201 S. Seneca Street
Wichita, KS 67217
(316) 522-4707
Contact: Glenda Shively
Distributes used computer equipment and excess inventory to community agencies and schools.

Return to Top  Louisianna

Floppies for Kiddies/Recycled Disk Project
4060 Highway 59
Mandeville, LA 70471
(504) 898-2158 or (504) 892-8535
Contact: Carol Blake
Collects used and promotional diskettes from the masses for redistribution to school groups and nonprofits throughout the country.

Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality and Waste Reduction/Recycling
P.O. Box 82178
Baton Rouge, LA 70884-2178
(504) 765-0249
Contact: John Rogers, Recycling Coordinator
Assists in donations of used equipment to schools, institutions and nonprofit groups.

Return to Top  Maryland

Computer Reclamation Inc.
8880 Monard Drive
Silver Springs, MD 20910
(301) 495-0280
Donates computers and other equipment to nonprofits in the Washington, D.C., area. Requests a $25 donation per computer.

Lazarus Foundation
East Coast Office
10378 Eclipse Way
Columbia, MD 21044
(410) 740-0735
Contact: Don Bard, President
Recycles computers from the private industry into the nonprofit and educational markets. Gives high priority to those organizations which serve children.

The Phoenix Project
Darla Strouse, Executive Director 
Corporate and Foundation Partnerships Maryland State Department of Education
200 West Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-767-0370
Fax: 410-333-3867
To request computers or additional information, please contact:
Jilda Scott
Maryland State Department of Education
Phone: 410-767-0370
Email    or
Towanda Boston
The Phoenix Project of the
Maryland State Department of Education
Phone: 410-534-0499
Repairs computers and donates them to schools and nonprofits.

Return to Top  Massachusettes

Boston Computer Society Nonprofit Assistance Program
101 First Avenue, Suite 2
Waltham, MA 02154
Contact: Marlene Archer
Supplies equipment and assistance to nonprofit members; membership fees range from $100 to $300. Has an electronic discussion group for people running computer-donation programs.

East West Education Development Foundation, Inc.
23 Dry Dock Avenue
Boston, MA 02110
(617) 261-6699
Contact: Wayne D. King/ Stephen Farrell
Donates computers and related equipment to nonprofit organizations and schools in the U.S. and other countries.

Nonprofit Computer Connection -
31 Milk Street, Suite 310
Boston, MA  02109
(617) 728-9151
We provide technology consulting services to the non-profit sector, including: Technology Assessment and Strategic Planning, Database Design and Development, LAN and WAN Design, Implementation and Support, Product Evaluation, Email & Groupware Solutions, Outsourcing Services

Return to Top  Missouri

The Surplus Exchange
1107 Hickory
Kansas City, MO 64101
(816) 472-0444
Contact: Rick Goring, Executive Director
Donates and sells computers and related equipment to nonprofit members at discounted rates. Charges a one-time membership fee of $50.

Missouri CNASK-12 Computer Program
College of Natural and Applied Sciences
Southwest Missouri State University
Springfield, MO 65804
(417) 836-5249
Contact: Larry Banks, Dean
Provides used computers and training to Missouri K-12 schools.

Return to Top  Nevada

Clark County Public Education Foundation
2832 East Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89121
(702) 799-1042
Contact: Judy Steel, Executive Director
Coordinates a Computers for Kids partnership with Rotary Clubs of Southern Nevada, National Cristina Foundation and the Clark County School District to collect and distribute recycled computers to local schools.

Return to Top  New Hampshire

Community Computer Exchange
46 Stowell Road
Bedford, NH 03110-4715
(603) 472-4049
Contact: Stephen Pereira, Director
Accepts donations of surplus computer hardware, software and books and provides them to educational programs, nonprofit agencies and low-income individuals.

Return to Top  New Jersey

Share the Technology Computer Recycling Project
P.O. Box 548
Rancocas, NJ 08073
(609) 234-6156
Contact: Barry Cranmer
Collects computer equipment and distributes it to nonprofits and schools in the New Jersey and Delaware Valley. Operates a searchable database that lists requests and offers of donations across the U.S. and internationally.

Return to TopNew York

Disable Hotline
(718) 439-0257 or (718) 642-9786
Collects and refurbishes computers, which it then distributes in the New York City area to organizations that service people with disabilities, specialized schools, resource centers, youth centers and individuals who have no other means for purchasing such equipment.

97 Humboldt Street
Rochester, NY 14609
(716) 224-7014 or (716) 654-2625
Contact: Doug Sprei
Gathers, repairs and refurbishes computers and peripherals and distributes them to needy schools and community-based organizations in New York state.

National Cristina Foundation
42 Hillcrest Drive
Pelham Manor, NY 10803
Contact: Yvette Marin, Ph.D.
Matches companies and individuals interested in donating computers and related equipment with nonprofit organizations and schools that serve people with disabilities in the U.S. and abroad.

Non-Profit Computing, Inc.
67 Wall Street, Suite 2411
New York, NY 10005-3198
(212) 759-2368
Contact: John L. German
Provides advice and assistance to nonprofits looking for computer donations. Distributes computers to nonprofits, schools and government agencies, primarily in New York City.

Per Scholas
131 Walnut Avenue, 6th Floor
Bronx, NY 10454
(718) 292-2300
Contact: Carolyn P. Landis
Sells computers with warranties to schools and nonprofits at low prices. Offers new computer workstations starting at $725 and completely networked computer labs starting at $7,500.

Return to Top  North Carolina

ExplorNet Computer Recycling
(919) 870-0790
Contact: Chris O'Shields, Operations Manager
Refurbishes and upgrades computers before distributing them to schools in the Raleigh, N.C., area.

Return to Top  Ohio

Dayton Microcomputer Association
301 Valley Street
Dayton, OH 45404
(513) 229-3657
Contact: Brother Ben Zalewski
Inspects, adjusts, tests and repairs donated computers before offering them to handicapped persons, social agencies working with handicapped people and schools.

North Coast Computer Recycling
11328 Euclid Avenue, Rom 203
Cleveland, OH 44106
(216) 791-3000
Contact: Frederick J. Lisy
Collects, rebuilds and distributes used computers for use in schools, churches and community centers.

Return to Top  Oregon

Oregon Public Networking
P.O. Box 1914
Eugene, OR 97440
(503) 448-9637
Sometimes has extra equipment for transfer to nonprofits.

Return to Top  Pennsylvania

Computer Recycling Center
Cyert Hall, Room B-25
Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
(412) 268-8609
Contact: Marc Bartholomew, Coordinator
Accepts computers and makes them available to schools and nonprofits in the area. Gives top priority to groups involved in job training or tutoring. Requires fee of $50 per machine.

Goodwill Computer Recycling Center
2600 East Carson Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
(412) 481-9049
Contact: Lisa Campbell, Coordinator
Sells or redistributes refurbished computers to nonprofit groups, special needs students, low-income families and the general public.

The Reuse Collaborative
(215) 686-5923
Contact: Malcolm Kenyatta
Collects, refurbishes and distributes computers to nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia area.

Student Computer Recycling to Offer Underrepresented Groups in Education
101 South Frear Building
University Park, PA 16802
(814) 863-7688 or (814) 865-0678
Contact: Remy Dupasquier, Coordinator
Donates computers to schools and nonprofits in the region. Has free brochures with tips for groups interested in starting a computer donation program.

University City High School
Computer Servicing Technology
3601 Filbert Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
(215) 387-5379
Contact: Anne Urevick, Instructor
Sells reconditioned computers to schools, nonprofits and other community-based organizations.

Return to Top  South Carolina

Computer Re-use Network (CoRN)
P.O. Box 1078
Hollywood, SC 29449
(803) 889-8247
Contact: John A. Schweikart

Return to Top  Tennessee

Jericho Road, Inc.
Cooperative Computer Ministry
4511 Violet Cove
Memphis, TN 38122
(901) 763-3886
Contact: Nathan Hill/Richard Cook
Redistributes used computers to schools, nonprofit community agencies and ministries.

Return to Top  Texas

(281) 370-0670
Provides computers and vouchers for computers to nonprofits in the Houston, Texas, area which address certain issues.

Computer Recycling for Education & Community Enhancing Resources
P.O. Box 792504
San Antonio, TX 78279
(210) 520-1233
Contact: Cathy Barnes
Awards recycled computer equipment to schools, libraries and other human resource community agencies in San Antonio and south Texas. Has a special interest in assisting low income and rural populations.

Dallas Computer Literacy Program
1950 Stemmons, Suite 5001
Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 746-4888
Contact: Gerald David
Donates computers and related equipment in the Dallas area to nonprofit organizations that provide computer training and public use.

Dell Foundation
(512) 338-4400
Makes computer donations to nonprofits in the Austin, Texas, area which do not intend to use those computers for office or administrative work.

Historical Computer Society
10928 Ted Williams Place
El Paso, TX 79934
Contact: David Greelish

Return to Top  Utah

Utah Division of General Services, Surplus Property Program
#22 South 700 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84104
Fax: (801) 533-4016
Recycles and distributes state and federal computer equipment to schools throughout Utah.

Return to Top  Vermont

Assistive Technology Recycling Project/ Recycle North
266 Pine Street
Burlington, VT 05402
(802) 658-4143
Contact: Scott Buckingham
Accepts donations of used furniture, computers and other appliances for redistribution to disabled individuals and groups.

Return to Top  Virginia

Educational Institutions Partnership Program (EIPP)
701 S. Courthouse Road
Arlington, VA 22204-2199
(703) 696-1904
Contact: Sharon Sellers/Gina Meehan
Transfers used computer equipment to K-12 schools recognized by the U.S.

Gifts In Kind International
700 North Fairfax Street, Suite 300
Alexandria, VA 22314
(703) 836-2121
703/549-1481 (fax)
Manages product donations from 40% of the Global Fortune 500 companies that manufacture or retail products. Donations include new software, new and used computer equipment, office equipment and office supplies and many other product donations needed by the nonprofit sector.

Second Chance Program
10700 Page Avenue
Fairfax, VA 22030
(703) 246-4542
Contact: Bob Kelly
Distributes used computers to the Fairfax County public schools.

Return to Top  Washington

Computer Bank Charity
15062-B 15th Avenue, N.E.
Seattle, WA 98155
(206) 365-4657
Contact: Don Brasher, President
Accepts and repairs donated computers, primarily in the Seattle area. Redistributes computers to individuals or nonprofit groups at no charge; highest priority is given to people with disabilities.

Return to Top  Not Specified

Share the Technology
P.O. Box 548
Rancocas NJ 08073
voice phone 856 234-6156 - fax 856 234-5809
computer ruse database:

American Bar Association Technology Exchange Program
Contact: Meredith McBurney
Distributes used computers to nonprofits providing legal services to low-income people.

Computer Recycling Resources from Nerd World

Computers for Learning
(888) 362-7870
Transfers excess and surplus federal computer equipment to schools and nonprofit educational organizations.

Affiliated ReMarketing Web

Online Used Computer Swap

Goodwill Industries of Redwood Empire
(800) 400-2720
Receives donations of computers, which it repairs if required before selling at low cost to the community.

Latino Tech Collective
Contact: Edison Freire
Helps community organizations maintain and upgrade their computer equipment and serves as a conduit for providing recycled computers to the local community.

Second Chance Software
Facilitates the exchange of old or excess software directly between donor and recipient.

Apple Computer
(800) 959-2775
Provides special pricing for educators.

Sun Remarketing
(800) 821-3221 or (801) 755-3311


The Used Computer Mall

Buddy-Up with Education
(317) 232-9119
Allows schools in Indiana to purchase computers at reduced prices.

Computing EDGE
Matches needy schools with excess, unused or obsolete computer equipment.

Microsoft Corporation*
Microsoft offers a free School Web Template that runs on the company's NT server. The template allows for easy setup and maintenance of school Web sites. You can download the software at their Web site.

Visio Corporation*
(800) 248-4746
The Technical Academic Partner Program (TAP) program supplies schools with a licensed copy of the company's Visio Technical or IntelliCAD 98 technical drawing software at a minimal cost. Visio Technical gives students an easy-to-use interface for mastering technical drawing skills, while IntelliCAD 98 uses the same files, commands and applications as Autodesk AutoCAD.

PC Kids USA*
(800) 557-2466
Will donate $300,000 worth of Microsoft software to schools that host the organization's Technology Showcase Nights program.

SMARTer Kids Foundation*
(403) 245-0333
Will provide more than $11 million in grants to schools in 1998 for the purchase of SMART boards (interactive whiteboards that allow teachers to control projected Windows or Mac software and CD-ROMs from the board's surface) and other equipment.

*Entries with an asterisk printed with permission from 1999-2000 School Technology Funding Directory.