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A Child's Prayer - What Happened Last Week 091101
by Chava Cannon

Dear God, 
Please help me understand what happened last week
Daddy's been crying a lot, and won't go to sleep
I saw some pictures of the buildings downtown
Of how they were hit and fell to the ground
I heard of the people that don't like who we are
And about the hero's with no names so far.
There's talk about freedom and what it stands for
About the flag, security, airports and more
But I still don't get it, what did we do that's so bad
That would make all this happen, and make so many sad?
I asked my teacher, my neighbor and friends
But they don't seem to know, so I'll ask you again.
God, what happened last week, is it all over yet?
They've been saying over and over "we'll never forget".
It's so sad, I want to cry, but dad said to be strong
They'll pay for what they did because they were wrong
He said, now it's in your hands, it's all up to you
About what will be, God is that true?
What happened last week, I just want to know?
And God, most of all, why didn't mommy come home?