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Sponsored Families

Several times every year, the SHARE Network will sponsor a family or person in need.  These individuals have made a request through the SHARE Network for services or equipment.  To qualify, all there has to be is a need that can not be met for one reason or another.  Families are picked at random and may be contacted by the SHARE Network for additional information.  By submitting a need request, you automatically qualify for our sponsorship program. Contact information given on the need request needs to be accurate.   List your Need

The only requirement of the sponsored family after receiving services or equipment through the SHARE Network is that in the future, when they find themselves in a better position life, they seek out another in need, either through our Network or on their own, and without question, second thought or monetary gain, they take it upon themselves to help that person and place the same requirement on them so that the cycle will continue.